Cesspool service on Long Island costs set to explode!

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Hiring a cesspool service on Long Island when it’s freaking cold is truly a nightmare. That’s why you want to make sure you have an ongoing maintenance contract with a reputable cesspool and septic company.

cesspool service on long-island ny

Backed up toilet show no mercy. Once you notice the gurgle don’t wait until you have banana boats floating throughout the bathroom!! I know that’s a little disgusting, but I’m trying to make a point. Usually when someone calls a cesspool service on Long Island, there’s already a major problem.

The funny thing is that when you question people, or the homeowners in general, they will tell you they saw some morning signs but decided to put it off because they’re so cheap. You know what I mean. Those people that want to do everything for free, but when the crapper erupts, then they blame the slackers that they hired, instead of their desire to squeeze a quarter till it bleeds.

Proper cesspool maintenance is important. It will help the text problems before they even arise. It’s also important the type of company you get to do this maintenance. Because when everything goes upside down, they are the ones you’re going to call to ensure that you maintain modern toilet facilities and don’t need to go to the YMCA to relieve yourself!

I do not know if you have read the papers, wait a minute, who still does that! Anyway, if you still read Newsday or follow channel 12 news, you would have seen that our amazing left-wing suffer county legislature just pushed a new law that will cost homeowners anywhere from $20-$30,000!

Yes suffer county residents that’s who you voted for! Steve Ballone and the rest of his progressive mafia who has already introduced the five cent plastic bag has decided to really practice their progressive chops. now if you’re cesspool needs major maintenance, you may be forced to rip it out and install a low nitrogen septic system.

“This commercial has been brought to you by the idiots of the Suffolk County Legislature and the voters who enable them“

We will see how this affects real estate sales and prices in the near and distant future. There are a lot of baby boomers in Suffolk County. My concern is when they attempt to sell their homes and the buyer see that they would need to hire a cesspool service on long island, how this will affect the homeowners nest egg? The government just made a decision to rob them of 30 grand. normally when you steal this amount of money from people you get arrested and put in prison. When you don’t you’re either in organized crime or a member of the government!


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