Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Jacksonville Categories

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Metallic epoxy flooring in Jacksonville adds either a protective layer or a decoration layer on top of a concrete floor. Placing epoxy on concrete floors makes them more durable. When this is done, they are protected from cracking and other factors that make them wear out quickly. They are safe for residential use and use in offices, industrial blocks, and commercial buildings. Most people think that applying it is expensive, but it is economical. The most costly is when you apply a pure solid epoxy coating. The 100% solid epoxy coating is applied mainly in commercial flooring. It is important to find a contractor that provides the best rates for commercial flooring and industrial flooring.


There are three types of epoxy flooring categories;

100% solid metallic epoxy flooring in Jacksonville:

As said earlier, it is the most expensive epoxy as it is pure. It is used primarily in offices where professional flooring is needed. You can come up with different designs as you apply it to act more of as a decorative implement rather than a protective implement.


Water-based epoxy:

Water-based epoxies are very easy to apply, and clients can use them themselves. It is also lighter when applied compared to the others. It does not last longer compared to the other types of epoxies. Its cost starts from $30 to $50 per gallon.


Solvent-based epoxies:

Solvent-based epoxy contains from 40% to 60% epoxy. It is thicker than water-based epoxy, and as a result, it also lasts longer than it. Its cost starts from $45 to $150 per gallon.

Choosing the perfect type of epoxy can be challenging, but top contractors provides clients with advice on which metallic epoxy flooring in Jacksonville to apply on commercial or industrial flooring.

When estimating the cost of epoxy flooring, there are several factors to consider. we believe the following;

  1. The size of the floor

Covering a large surface area is more expensive than covering a small room with epoxy. A garage of 250 square feet can cost them from as little as $750 to $3000. This will make most people prefer using water-based and solvent-based epoxies for mostly industrial flooring and other more extensive surfaces.



  1. Labor cost

Metallic epoxy flooring in Jacksonville also involves the use of labor that needs to be paid after doing their job. On average, labor costs between $1 to $7 per square foot. This means that hiring two professionals will cost them about $500. This process can take about two days as they need a day to prepare and another to seal the concrete.


  1. Application method

You can apply epoxies by using a trowel, sprayer, or squeegee. Some application methods could be expensive compared to others due to the labor required.


  1. Materials and equipment used.

The material used can either be a cheaper epoxy or a medium price epoxy or an expensive epoxy. All this is key in estimating the overall cost of the epoxy flooring. Purchasing additional equipment maybe necessary for your epoxy flooring project.


In conclusion, using.metallic epoxy flooring in Jacksonville is not expensive.  Applying it economical is feasible, especially where professional installers are used. We help business owners, facility managers for commercial and industrial buildings make their floors perfect.

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