Winter Roof Repair on Long Island is Hard!

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Roof repair on long island during the winter is not easy. If you are a roof repair contractor a call for a leaky roof during this time of year may not be one that you will want to answer. Or is it?

Roof Repair on Long Island

Well I guess if you charge enough, who cares. But at a -10°F windchill factor, anybody’s jewels would freeze! If it’s enough money, who really cares!

If you are a homeowner, this is also a problem, especially if you have a roof leak in the middle of winter. Usually from mid January throughout February, Long island is pretty cold, especially out in the East End. Now there’s usually no way to know if you have an upcoming roofing problem.

Now after making that statement, if you have shingles flying off during the warm months. If you notice The flash around the chimney or the edges peeling away, it’s all on you if you need a company that does roof repair on Long Island during the winter months.

Now if a Long Island roofing contractor attempts to rape you with the repair cost, there’s really not much you can do. Now yes you can call other companies, but if it’s 10 below, prepare to be violated!

Listen, you don’t want to be outside. It’s just way too cold to even have a good day. So I imagine somebody on your roof, it’s windy. You know you’re going to get charged an idiot penalty for waiting so long, or even if it is not your fault, you’re getting dinged anyway.

Now hopefully it’s not a major repair. Maybe just some shingles, joints just need to be replaced just to plug up the leak. Or you may have a leak at a skylight, if you have one somewhere around the gutters or even close to the vents and pipes.

Now if the winter is really crazy in Suffolk county or even Nassau gets a lot of snow when ice during the year, you’re definitely going to have some problems. In an older roof the melting snow when ice eventually gets into the shingles. If that happens and if the temperature goes below freezing it will actually push the shingles up. Once this happens multiple times it will begin to leave gaps or even more water will get in and cause damage causing to call a contractor in roof repair on Long Island.

And the last big thing that has a decent chance of causing roof damage is all the freaking trees that are on the island. This is a definite cause for roof repair on Long Island. All you need is a good nor’easter whipping about ripping off large branches from tree and slamming into your roof, you can see how the problems will start.

The best advice if you can is to get roof repair on Long Island before you need it and if you can get it during the warmer months.

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