Foundation Repair on Long Island South Shore Needed After Sandy

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Contractors like My Foundation Repair L.I. N.Y.  that do foundation repair on Long Island see a lot of issues with homes found on the South Shore in both open and closed foundation types, especially after Hurricane Sandy. Homes found on the shore are especially prone to foundation problems because the ocean tide not only adds moisture to the air, but also continually changes the shape of the ground, causing oceanfront properties to sink.

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Homes found on sand are at particular risk because sandy terrain remains loose. Foundation must be built very deep into the ground to prevent shifting. When a foundation does begin to shift, cracks form. Foundation crack repair in Long Island on the South Shore is often more extensive than what would be needed in other parts of the city. If a foundation on the beach is beginning to shift, it usually means that the ground underneath the house has become unstable, so more advanced measures are needed to secure the foundation and stabilize the structure.

Many homes on the south shore have open foundations. These homes are also at risk of foundation deterioration because of the moisture in the air, which can cause the weakening of the beams. Additionally, these homes are at the most risk when hurricanes or other storms hit. High winds can push the beams and cause the structures to collapse. Building these homes on steel beams can help, but nothing guarantees a foundation to last.

When a home begins to sink into shifting beach-front property because of moisture or loose sand, the structure weakens entirely. While some may disregard the first signs of foundation problems as “not that bad,” they don’t realize they are making a dire mistake when it comes to the long-term quality of their home and foundation. Ignoring the early warnings welcomes bigger problems down the road- and higher expenses.

Costs for foundation repair on Long Island typically are a few hundred dollars on the low end and up to ten thousand dollars on the high. This means that, on average, a typical foundation repair job will cost several thousand dollars.

It is important to remember that most foundation repair calls aren’t made until a small problem grows. By keeping an eye on your foundation and calling at the first sign of trouble, you can not only keep your structure strong, but also keep the repair costs low.

If you are in the market for a new home, contact a contractor foundation repair on Long Island to perform an in-depth inspection of the home’s foundation. Most will also work with you on a maintenance plan to ensure that your structure is not only safe currently, but will remain in good shape for years to come. Not only will this mean more money in your pocket when it comes to home repair costs, but also when you deal with your insurance company.

A stronger foundation often means a lower insurance rate- and more money left in your pocket to enjoy your luxurious new life on the shore!

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