Cost for Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta is Not Cheap.

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The cost for epoxy flooring will always come up during the negotiations between the homeowner or business owner and the flooring contractor. Obviously, who wants to overpay?

epoxy flooring in atlanta
Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta Hangar

It’s not on your question about overpaying for  Epoxy flooring, but also making sure that you get the best value for your money. I have seen some concrete floors that were more pot marked than a teens acne riddled face!

Sometimes a concern might be that place coatings on concrete may be too expensive. In the overall cost you also need to factor in ongoing maintenance. The more the concrete floor is protected, the less maintenance will be required.

Epoxy flooring in Atlanta will cost anywhere from three dollars to $12 per square foot. Now this is an extreme range. I can almost guarantee you will be upset with the three dollar per square foot price. That range normally brings the unprofessional flooring vampires. I am also not saying that you spend $12 per square foot for epoxy flooring in Atlanta Florida. What you should do is find out what is a good per square foot price for the results that you want. You don’t want to skimp out. And the reason being it will be more expensive in the long run if you choose someone strictly by price and not by their artistry and professionalism.

Eccentric epoxy flooring designs will most definitely cost you more money. If the floor is located in a business structure, you may even pay more money for two reasons. One, the amount of time it takes to grind down the concrete floor and two, the amount of epoxy coatings that are needed, especially for a high foot traffic floor.

Now when it comes to epoxy for industrial and commercial spaces, other factors will also affect the cost, not just  in the design aspect. The other factors are in the type of epoxies that are used and how many coats will be put down on the concrete floor.

Since we’re talking about different types of floors, pricing will obviously be affected by the type of floor where the epoxy s being applied. I have already mentioned commercial and industrial floors. But you also have residential, kitchens, driveways and garage floors. Each one of them will have to be treated differently and will have various labor costs. Labor costs Are definitely the most expensive part of having epoxy flooring.

The best way to make sure you’re getting a great price for your epoxy flooring that you will enjoy for years to come is just to do some online research on the different methods of applying this unique floor.

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